I am an Action Taker.  My action is to run this impossible race to become possible for those who want to live a happier, healthier and safer life in San Francisco. All things are possible if you vote for me, Ellen Lee Zhou for San Francisco Mayor on June 5th 2018. Positive historic changes can only happen if I am the Mayor of San Francisco. Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨, is the one and only can carry out these Mission, Vision and Action Plans. 

Your vote will change the tradition behavior of San Francisco political power in city hall! Let’s bring ethics and moral together into city hall! We need to implement changes from the top to the bottom. It is about time for us to enforce people power in June 2018. Together, yes, we can!

Our government was created by the people. It should be running by the best interest of people. We, the people should tell the politicians what to do, not what the politicians tell us, the residents what to do. Public servants are for the public. We are the people to make people power.

Together, yes, we can. I believe I am the one and only Mayor can re-direct San Francisco into the Right direction. Our quality life will be back to us when I am the Mayor. It is about time that we should start implement effective and positive changes from the top to the bottom, the entire San Francisco political power should be re-directed to serve the best interests for the greater good of San Francisco. 

Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for Mayor on June 5th, 2018. You will be glad you did. Only Ellen Lee Zhou can carry the Mission, Vision and Action plans.  Thank you.