San Francisco has eleven districts. Each district already has a Board of Supervisor to represent communities within each district throughout our 7 X 7 square miles city. Each public entity already has its own operational Directors, Managers, Supervisors and staff. But our City lack of a strong leader who knows how to bridge these gaps between departments, Board of Supervisors and residents. We need a strong leader like me, Ellen Lee Zhou with Mission, Vision and Action plans to deliver open, transparent and sound government practices. We all deserve to live a happy, healthy and safe environment.

Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨  is the one and only Mayor, able to enforce government policies to hold each public worker accountable. Our government is formed by the best interest for the greater good. But some of our current public services representatives are not for the people’s interests. They are in office for their own purpose. Some of our current politicians care more about their political power than working on collaborative solutions to address our public health problems, safety concerns and basic human rights issues.

I am Public Health Worker for the San Francisco Department of Public Health for more than eleven years.   ( My Mission as a Public Health Worker is to protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans.

I was a Civil Grand Jury Member of  San Francisco for two terms,  2014/2015 and 2016/2017  ( I participated to improve government functions to better served our residents and visitors.

I was appointed by former District 9 Board of Supervisor David Campos for the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, 2016/2017, served seat number 14. ( I participated to promote public safety and to reduce pedestrian deaths, vision zero.

I have been a NERT  (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team) member for more than three years, trained by S.F. Fire Dept. ( I participated to use my skills to help my community in case of emergencies.

I graduated from the Community Police Academy, class of 2006, trained by the S.F. Police Dept. ( I have been working with the Police for crime prevention to protect people's well beings.

I graduated with both of my B.S.W. (1996) and M.S.W. (2003) degrees from San Francisco State University (SFSU). I went back to share my work and life experience with my students at SFSU.  I taught the AAS 591 Asian American Community Health Issues class in Fall 2015.   ( I am thankful to all the school staff and students.

I am a member with the following agencies:

Coalition of Asian American Government Employees, for more than 12 years (

San Francisco Morse Lodge 257 for more than 15 years (

San Francisco Evangelical Free Church for more than 23 years (

San Francisco Community Empowerment Center for more than 11 years (

Asian Pacific Islander Social Worker Council for more than 13 years (

SEIU1021 for more than 13 years (    SEIU1021 One city, one fight rally, 04/18/2012 San Francisco   (I stand up for our public workers)

SEIU1021 Equal Work Equal Pay City Hall Rally March 5th, 2013     (I stand up for workers' rights)

SEIU1021 Equal Work Equal Pay! No justice! No peace! City Hall Rally March 5th, 2013     (Our public workers are the assets to our public)

I, Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨, as the incoming Mayor of San Francisco, will break these traditional political practices at city hall.  I will develop efficient government policies and enforce them to hold elected government Officials and public servants accountable for what they get paid for. Our public deserves to live a better quality life in San Francisco. I will implement policies and rules to provide solutions to protect our public's health and safety. I will create and implement policies to bring back our quality for San Franciscans. I support public health and safety for residents that I will enforce rules and laws to refuse safe haven to shelter criminals that put our public at risk. Thank you for visiting my campaign website. If you want to improve our quality life and if you want to see a better San Francisco, remember to vote for me: Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for Mayor on June 5th, 2018.  Together, we will make historic changes in San Francisco. Thank you.