We have about 90,000 students in San Francisco. As a current Public Services Provider, I have been working with many different schools and staff throughout San Francisco. Our Wraparound team treatment build on collective plans to workable solutions to help students, teachers, staff and parents to manage their problems. There is no one size fits it al. Each person has different adoptability skills. I am the same Ellen Lee Zhou with Department of Public Health included from Comprehensive Crisis Services, Silver Avenue Family Health Center, Family Mosaic Project and now with Central Access Team, Private Provider's Network and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Project.  I train people to be responsible for themselves and move on with life.

I want to take this time to thank all the teachers and school staff who we worked together and will continue to work together as a team to promote healthier habits for our students. It is not easy to be a teacher in public schools. I am for you and appreciate all the hard work you do for students and families. As the incoming San Francisco Mayor, one of my goals is to find workable and agreeable solutions to address concerns related to education and public school system. We, the parents, workers and residents should live a happy, healthy and safe environment. My top priority as the Mayor, to find affordable housing as soon as possible to keep teachers in San Francisco.

My son and my daughter completed public school education in SFUSD. They are now away in colleges to explore their adventures. I was the Parent Advisory Committee and Parent Advocate for E.R. Taylor Elementary School, National Blue Ribbon school in San Francisco.  While my two children in this school, I provided parent training to support parents and their children. I co-led parent surveys to improve public education. I have been engaged and provided support to many parents and staff throughout San Francisco. I am a people person with good network and communication skills to get things done on time.  I believe healthier families create healthier San Francisco. I believe teachers and school staff are the assets for our students and parents. I will do my best to find affordable housing to appreciate teachers' hard work to our future leaders. 

My school involvement with E.R. Taylor  Elementary, Hoover Middle School and Burton High School, supported school staff, my two children, other students and other parents. Thank you teachers and school staff. My daughter:  Burton High School, class of 2017 with Gold ribbon: Student Advisory Council Represent Award by the S.F. Unified School District 2017, Captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team, National Leadership Award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart, 2017, Cadet Senior Advisor, Cathay Post NJROTC Athletic Award 2017, JCYC Scholarship Recipient 2017, Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship Award, Coro Northern California. The Coro Exploring Leadership Program, Summer 2016, Phillip and Sala Burton Leadership Award, Spring 2016, SFUSD School Board, San Francisco Peer Resources Certificate of Achievement for 2015/2016, Jack Sen Benevolent Association High School Scholarship Award 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016, etc.  Of course, my son: Burton High, class of 2016 with Gold ribbon, SF Recreation and Park Youth Worker 2016, San Francisco Evangelical Free Church, Summer Day Camp Youth Worker 2013, 2014, 2015, Chinese Christian Union Basketball League 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and Jack Sen Benevolent Association High School Scholarship Award, year of 2012/2013, 2013/2014,  2014/2015 and year of 2015/2016. My son worked at Round Table Pizza summer 2017, etc.  It takes a village to raise children. Thank you brothers and sisters from our church. My husband and I work hard with schools to raise our two children to be productive, be the best they and be. 

One of my goals as the Mayor of San Francisco is to find investors to build affordable housing for our teachers and school staff faster, to keep teachers for our SFUSD students and families. We want teachers to feel appreciate for what they do. Their current salary is not able to support them to stay as teachers in San Francisco. They are over work, under appreciate and under pay.  I feel for teachers. But, our current City Administrators take forever to build affordable housing for our teachers and school staff.  They keep on talking about building affordable housing for teachers, but where are the affordable housing for teachers? Where? When? How?

I immigrated with my family from Taishan, China to San Francisco in 1986.  I was born and raised in a farm. I was a Farmer. I went to Newcomer High School began my life journey in America, starting from A, B, C to Z. I transitioned to Jefferson Union High School in Daly City. I was aged out from high school and went to City College of San Francisco (CCSF) instead of completing high school.  While I was in school, I also worked as a Seamstress, as a Bus Girl, as a Janitor and as a Housekeeper to support myself.  My parents trained me to be independent and to be responsible for my own actions. With many resources, I earned my Associate of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 1991. As a student, I worked as a Peer Advisor for the Counselor Office at CCSF. I also earned both my Bachelor of Social Worker degree (1996) and Master of Social Work degree (2003) from San Francisco State University.  I received my Leadership Scholarship and Award from SFSU Student Activities Office in 1996. I was a Student Organizer to advocate for students' activities and rights at SFSU. I graduated with Cum Laude in 1996. In 2001, I received a 2-year stipend from Title 4E, California Child Welfare Grant that helped me to earn my Master of Social Work in Family Welfare. I started my Public Servant services with the City and County of San Francisco in January 2004. Before I worked for our City, I was a Section-8 On-Site Property Manager, 24/7 took care of staff and 120 seniors and people with disabilities. I have been giving back to our community by actively engaged in the community as a Comprehensive Volunteer Family Social Worker in San Francisco for more than 20 years.  I am a good living example for people to look up to. I am a good role model for my two children. I always pray for God for help. I've learned to have faith and love from God. I am a resident of San Francisco for 31 years.

I, Ellen Lee Zhou, as the Mayor, while we are waiting to build more affordable housing to support teachers and families, I've already identified a solution to provide affordable housing to support teachers and school staff.  My goal is that within six months of my Mayor role, I hope to deliver this solution to solve housing crisis for teachers. Yes, I am the one and only Mayor can get this done quicker! I am an Action Taker and I deliver quality services to meet teachers' demands. Together, yes, we can. Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 on June 5th, 2018. Thank you.