I work full time as a Psychiatric Social Worker for the Department Public Health. I have to work to provide basic care to my two college children. I am not a politician. I am a Public Servant who finds and provides solutions to social problems. Our campaign is organized and supported by volunteers. I am a volunteer myself to lead this Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for Mayor 2018 campaign.  

You are invited to volunteer with Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2018 campaign. Your volunteer time and effort will make history in San Francisco. Together, yes, we can. Do not let these “powerful” politicians with a lot of campaign money to take away our quality life. Our city, our voice! People power rules! With your dedication, time and positive energy to volunteer to win this impossible campaign, we will make this campaign possible! 

We will make historic changes to implement our Mission, Vision and Action plans for San Franciscans and visitors. Every life matters! Our local residents voice should be heard. Our public workers should be supported with affordable housing. Our families should live a affordable life with affordable family housing. Our public dollars should be at work for residents. Our government should be accountable for a cleaner, healthier and safer San Francisco.

As a service Provider, I challenge you in 2018, learn to say NO to recreational cannabis. Cannabis will have negative impact in your health and it may destroy your normal life. stay away from illegal drugs and illegal activities. Say no to recreational cannabis. Recreational marijuana is illegal drug defined by the Federal government. The federal agents can come any time to shut down cannabis business. Your cannabis investment can be gone in seconds and you may be liable for criminal charges by the federal. If you need medical cannabis to treat your health issues, seek your primary care doctor for help. Do not smoke cannabis and drive! Do not drink and drive!  Please, be a responsible person to protect other drivers. Go seek help if you are experiencing drug abuse problems.

Come, join me to run this race for the greater good.  Together, we will break the tradition political power and we will win the people of San Francisco. We will make the impossible become possible! I, Ellen Lee Zhou is the one and only can implement these Mission, Vision and Action Plans! We will see a better San Francisco when I am the Mayor of San Francisco!  Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou on June 5th, 2018. 

Please contact ellen@ellenleezhouformayor2018.com for volunteer opportunities. Thank you and may God bless San Francisco!