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Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2018                                                                                                                                                 2600 San Bruno Ave. San Francisco, CA 94134                                                                                                                 Email:

Send your donation or donate online to support our community  for a better San Francisco. Vote for me, Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for San Francisco Mayor on June 5th, 2018 will make historic changes. I, Ellen Lee Zhou is the One and Only can implement these Mission, Vision and Action Plans! Together, we will re-build our city into the RIGHT direction. Let's bring ethics back to our city hall on June 5th, 2018!

I am a Resident in San Francisco for more than 32 years.  I am married with two college children. I am a Family Social Worker for more than 20 years.  I am a Sunday School Teacher for more than 23 years. I am a Public Servant for more than 13 years.   I serve our public wholeheartedly.  I am a Behavioral Health Clinician, aka, Psychiatric Social Worker for Public Health Department for more than 11 years. I am a SEIU1021 Union Representative for Public Employees for more than 12 years.  I was a Civil Grand Juror in 2014/2015 and 2016/2017. I investigated government workers and public functions.  I was appointed by Former Board of Supervisor David Campos to serve as a Pedestrian Safety Advisor Committee. (2016/2017).   I am a Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) member for more than 3 years, trained for Fire Dept.  I am a graduate from the Community Police Academy 2006, trained by the Police Dept. (Working with Police to prevent crime). I am a Community Activist for more than 25 years that I train and empower people to stand up for their rights. I am a  Volunteer in the community that I outreach to people and provide services to people age from zero to 99 years old. My heart is in San Francisco and I care about our city. It's about time to stand up for our rights for a qualify of life! 

2018 年, 为自己, 为社会公义, 为社工职业道德,为家人,为社区,为市民努力参选。多谢你们的支持。由现在开始,若你想参与义务助选活动,一齐改变美好的三藩市,请你联系, 电邮   愿上帝祝福和保佑三藩市。只要大家一齐努力,目标一致,我,李爱晨将会在2018年成为三藩市第一位华人女市长。"你的诉求是我的使命。”  加油!(Ellen Lee Zhou)

 各位市民,我由2004年開始已經是公务员. 也是工会谈判代表,我与市长和市府政客经常有沟通。我做过两任民事大陪审团,我非常熟识政府运作和机制。也因为参加反腐败而跟不同高层政客交过手。本人坚信民主制度由人民代表为人民争取权益。民选官员应该为人民利益着想。 我是无党派,不受老党章束搏,也不走极端路线,以事论事,我是个不折不扣的移民子女,是大家的一分子,高中时随父母移民到美国,靠着父母的教养和多方面本地的资源,努力完成三個大学学位,分别是副学士,社工学士和硕士,立志做一位有良知的社工。 我是一名母亲,和丈夫努力把一对儿女抚养成人,送入读大学就读。我也是一名教會主日学教师,培养孩童和青少年为社会作贡献长达20多年。在周末我在社区做义务家庭社工。