Dear voters,

I was nominated by our San Francisco Coalition for Good Neighborhoods to run for Mayor.  I, Ellen Lee Zhou do not get any politician endorsement, specially from the career politicians because I am a non-Partisan which means I am a people’s Mayor with independent thinking, compassion and a heart for San Francisco. I have been working for our City and County of San Francisco government for more than 13 years.  As a Social Worker, I have been serving San Franciscans wholeheartedly for more than 20 years. I have been a service providers for many people throughout each neighborhood, collaborate and triage services with many city departments, school unified district, child protective services, adult protective services, court systems and community agencies throughout San Francisco. I represent public employees. I also advocate for all people for a better San Francisco. In addition, I have been a volunteer family social worker doing outreach to residents through radio programs in the community to empower people regarding health care preventative issues, workers’ rights, human rights, children issues, parenting, life opportunities and so on. See more from the Community tab.  My experience tells me something has been wrong about the way our city runs! It's time to stand up together to take back our city!  Vote Ellen Lee Zhou, together, we will re-build a better San Francisco! Say no more drug abuse! No more unfair housing policies! No more homeless die on the streets! No more criminals shelter under the sanctuary city status! No more government abuse and waste! Together, we will fight against government corruption! 

Wendy Wong, Spoke person, San Francisco Coalition for Good Neighborhoods

Kitty Cheng, Community Outreach, Sunset Golden Age Club

Joel Ng, Instructor, City College of San Francisco

Zhenfei Yu, Community Volunteer

Richard Ow, Retired Poster Worker

Audrey Leong, SEIU1021 Union Shop Steward for San Francisco Public Employees

Teresa Duque, Executive Director, the San Francisco Community Empowerment Center

Joshua So, Reverend, San Francisco Mennonite Church

Paul Fan, Assistant Principal, San Francisco Unified School District

Vivian Leung-Mak, Bilingual Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District

Cornelia Huang, Retired City and County of San Francisco Employee

Antonio N. Ocenada, Porter, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Myrtis Cockel, Provider Specialist, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Kristalia Williams, Health Worker, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Steven L. Benoit, MFT, Access Program Coordinator, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Paul Taylor, government reform for Californians! I support Paul Taylor for Senate, visit his campaign website:

Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou on June 5th, 2018. Thank you for your support and may God help us to revive San Francisco!