Mission:  As a Mayor of San Francisco, my mission is to promote public health and safety. I will find fair and equitable solutions to address public concerns and problems. I will create a new department to uncover and prosecute government corruption – for many public workers, residents and businesses suffer because of governmental abuse and corruption. 

We have one-sided, onerous tenants’ laws that instead of help, exacerbate housing crisis. Many small property owners are too fearful to rent out the extra rooms in their houses for fear of exorbitant legal fee and eviction costs. As a social worker, I have come across small mom-and-pop property owners tearfully wanting to walk away from their properties.

Homelessness bring shame to our beloved city. Unsightly for the tourists. Unsightly for us. Many cities outsourced their homeless to San Francisco to take advantage of our generosity. I will send them right back! For our own homeless, I want them to be sheltered and cleanup. They need to work and earn their living – the way a normal human being should.

City resources are scarce. They belong to the residents. We must deploy these scare resources to provide the maximum benefits to its residents. That is what I am going to do. Hence, I will not waste public resources to shelter illegal criminals. Our sanctuary city status is to protect families, but not FBI felons and criminals!

I am a Public Health Worker. I have been working for the city and county of San Francisco for more than 13 years. I work hard to promote public health. As a social worker, I am a solutions-provider for our city and for our residents in need. I was recently a Civil Grand Jury for two terms where I investigated public employees’ conducts and government functions. So I saw unclose what was happening in City Hall which inspired me to want to make change. I pledge to bring back ethics to the City Hall.

If elected, I pledge to give back 50% of my mayor's salary to create local voice taskforce in each district, to hear out the true voices of local residents. I will appoint all the other seven candidates to hold each one of them accountable for running for mayor.  I will make sure our mayoral staff will deliver quality of services to all San Franciscans. Vote Ellen Lee Zhou for mayor!

To find out more about me, please read my interview with The Epoch Times journalist: https://www.theepochtimes.com/ellen-lee-zhou-wants-to-bring-ethics-back-to-san-francisco-city-hall_2469137.html

And please check out my mission, vision and action plans on my campaign website.

As a current Public Health Worker, my Mission is to protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans. This was one of the reasons in 2017, that I have been taking my own vacation time to attend public hearings in city hall from January to December, opposing recreational cannabis next to any facilities that cater minors under 18 years old. I am in support of medical cannabis use to for alternation medical reasons. It is a personal choice of health care treatment. I am totally 101% against recreational cannabis. I've experienced many of our young people and homeless people on the street experienced problems related to cannabis use. Cannabis is a federal regulated illegal alternative substance to treat patients who have health care issues. Medical cannabis is under medical doctor's prescription. Our current City Administrators created unfair, unjust regulations that will create health problems for our children, youth, residents and visitors. Our health workers’ voice was not heard from the SFDPH Health Assessment Report 2017.  Our current Board of Supervisors and the Mayor's Administrators were willfully passing this recreational cannabis legislation to support illegal and criminal activities, defined per federal laws.  No insurance, no security, no bank and any cannabis operator is subject to criminal activities when the federal agents come to prosecute. Per CNN, the October 2017 North Bay fire in CA destroyed 34 cannabis farms. When people tried to do fundraising to help the people who invested in growing cannabis, their website was shut down by the federal because it is illegal to smoke, to grow and to sell cannabis at the federal level. City Administrators  disregarded strong opposition from local residents, parents, grandparents and health care professionals. They created and supported this recreational cannabis law with loose restrictions that violated our child protective services laws, adult protective services laws, public health codes, residents' basic human rights to happiness, right to a healthy living environment.  One of my job duties is  to help people to stay away from illegal drugs, so they can stay out of trouble.  I believe prevention is better than intervention. The Administrators in City Hall created a recycling problem for healthy people to get a unhealthy habit to smoke cannabis, then later become potential clients for rehab.  What a shame!

As a Co-Worker, my Mission is to support each other, so we can all earn our paycheck every other Tuesday to pay for all our monthly bills to support our families. Everyone needs a paying job to live their independent life! We are public servants to provide best services to our public. 

As a Social Worker, my primary Mission is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.

As a wife, my Mission is to be the best Assistant to support my husband’s needs, so he can live a full potential life. If he wins, I win. If I lose, he loses. Happy wife, happy life!

As a mother, my Mission is to raise my two children to be productive to serve our God, shine a light in the society.

As a daughter, my Mission is to carry my parents’ mission, to live a full life, enjoy the best out of nothing to begin with.

As a Servant for God, my Mission is to live my life to honor my God. Be the best I can be. May God’s name be gloried.

As a Friend, my Mission is to be available to support as needed, no one should be alone! 

As a Neighbor, my Mission is to watch out for each and monitor our neighborhood, keep our neighborhood safety.

As a Human Being, my Mission is to cherish humanity, respect all God’s creatures. We are sharing the same space in this world.

Do you have any suggestions? I am open for supportive and productive suggestions. If you have a complaint, please complaint with a solution. Thank you. Contact: Ellen@EllenLeeZhouforMayor2018.com

Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for San Francisco Mayor on June 5th, 2018. I, Ellen Lee Zhou is the one and only can implement these Mission, Vision and Action Plans!