Vision (Platform)

As Mayor of San Francisco, my Vision:

If everyone is on board, with collaborative and balanced power from each community, each public entity and each public servant's willingness to participate, nothing is too big and nothing is too small to overcome.  Together, yes, we can. I am the right Mayor to enforce positive changes.  I am Nonpartisan that I can work with anyone who are willing to re-build our city. Together, we will improve our quality of life. San Francisco has been going in the WRONG direction for some time, per score card report, It is about time for you and me to make positive changes to take back our quality of life. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy and safe living environment. With my network connection with public workers and residents, plus my people skills, as Mayor, I will identify the appropriate stake holders and resources to build collaborative solutions. Together, yes we will:

1. We will reduce drug abuse and drug addiction problems including create and enforce better rules to address opioid, cocaine, hallucinogens, heron, inhalants, recreational marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine and any drugs that impacted our quality life negatively. ( . Drug problems have been taking a toll on many people's lives: employment problems, family problems,  street problems, homeless problems and public health hazards.

2. We will make our public dollars at work, build more affordable family housing to continue Mayor Edwin Lee’s legacy.  I am from the Lee family from Taishan. Keep a Lee in city hall. We want to keep teachers and public services workers to stay and live in San Francisco.  They are public assets for our city. We want to keep our family values to raise healthier children and youth.  But, it takes time to build housing, while houses being built, I've already identified solutions to support SFUSD staff and teachers, see below # 3.

3.  We will balance communication and public funds between good landlords (small property owners) and good tenants. Good landlords provide solutions to solve our housing crisis in San Francisco. Our current housing policies and rent control created problems for housing shortage in San Francisco.  The current rent control regulations are not fair for pops and moms small property owners.  Unreasonable and unjust housing laws killed the housing market in San Francisco.  We see thousands of empty units while some tenants have problems to find places to rent.  As the Mayor, I will work with appropriate resources to bridge this gap, support both good tenants and good landlords. I will address tenants with negative behavior that abuse public resources. I will enforce rules to bring justice to address landlords who disregard complaints from tenants. As Mayor, I will find mutual ground between good tenants and good landlord to live a manageable and comfortable win-win relationship. Together, we will create win-win policies to solve San Francisco housing crisis. When I am Mayor of San Francisco, within six months, I should be able to help SFUSD teachers and staff in and public services workers to find affordable housing.  I believe healthy workers are the assets for our public. Healthy workers create positive productivities for our public. I believe helping the public employees find affordable housing is a way to support our children, youth and families.  We, the City should help public workers to live closer to where they work, not far away and wasting time in traffic.  Public workers can save the commute time to provide more efficient services to our public. When we have emergency, our public workers will be available quicker to assist our public.

4.  We will solve our homeless problems. Every life matters! No one should be sleeping on the streets. We were born with love and expectations. We are a wealthy city on the outside. Our minimum wage is the highest in the entire USA. Yet, our homeless population is climbing. I was born and raised in a farm that we took care of our neighbors like family. But, this is not what I see in San Francisco. The politicians have been working on this issue for a long time, but this issue has no end. Everyone deserves an indoor space to sleep. No one should died on the street.  I will  address the causes and roots for homeless issues: lack of affordable housing, mental health issues, drug abuse problems, alcohol problems and underlining issues such as other homeless keep on coming to San Francisco to abuse San Francisco residents’ resources. It’s about time to create better policies and rules to stop outside homeless to abuse our public dollars. If San Francisco continues to receive outside homeless, we will attract more and more outside homeless to take advantage our San Francisco public tax dollars, then our homeless problem will never be able to solve! As Mayor, I will work with appropriate departments to solve this ongoing homeless problem. (

5.  We will enforce open, transparent and sound government practices. Create local residents’ voice and concerns corners to address local residents’ problems.  I will work with leaders from each community to form a non-partisan, non governmental employee run, it is the people's power to get things done fairly. I will Work with each public entity such as the Police Department, Fire Department, Public Health, Public Works, Ethics Commission, Civil Services Commission and other departments to address our current problems: property crimes, car break ins, needles on the streets, homelessness, drug abuse and other social problems. Refused safe haven for criminals that put our residents and travelers’ lives at risks.  Together, yes, we will improve our quality life for every San Franciscan and each visitor.  I was one of the Civil Grand Jurors prepared this report to suggest government changes.  As the Mayor, I will be able to implement these suggestions to make a better San Francisco.

6. I am open to suggestions for improvement to make a better San Francisco for all residents and visitors such as business opportunities for youth,  investment for residents, affordable housing for families, assistance to help the poor, sick and needy, good causes for greater good, etc. Every suggestion matters. Contact me through:

Vote for Ellen Lee Zhou 李愛晨 for San Francisco Mayor on June 5th, 2018. I, Ellen Lee Zhou is the one and only, can implement these Vision plans.  San Francisco needs a Social Worker Mayor to solve social problems. If you believed in prayer, please pray for our city to have God's mercy on our city.  May God bless San Francisco!